“Energies from Within” Artist Statement

We hide and reveal ourselves from moment to moment as we interact with everyone and everything around us.  The result is a change of energy.  It is an energy shift to our trajectory, as well as to the trajectory of the people and environment around us.  The future has been altered regardless of the magnitude of the shift.  

This series “Energies from Within” explores those energies in that moment of impact as we are taken to a new space in the journey to find what we seek.  




"So Many Journeys I, II & III"  Artist Statement

As part of the human condition, we figure things out for resolution and to move forward.  Everyday we try to fulfill ourselves for mundane and sometimes profound reasons.  Whether we do it efficiently or in a meandering fashion, our purpose is to expand our quality of existence. But sometimes that expansion is less than blissful.  Do we better or harm ourselves?  Are we on our own path or someone else’s? Do we know more and do we have the courage to continue the journey?

Then in a magical moment we begin to understand ourselves: why are we here and what is our purpose, our destiny.  And how do we get this destiny to fit in with the rest of everything.  

We move forward in a wonderful process. There is a biological change - at the cellular level.  This is the start of our journey and we may not even realize it is happening. Then there is a psychological change where we become aware of the transition.  It may happen in baby steps or in a quantum leap. It depends on where we are and where we are going.  And it also depends on how resistant we are to change. Maybe we are stuck or maybe we embrace the new things to come.

Finally we manifest our change in a physical way into our environment. It may take a while to get comfortable or we may be off and running into the new space. A change may happen multiple times throughout our lives if we are lucky.  It may happen only once or it may not happen at all. But if we persevere, we can have multiple sequential paths - our authentic paths – to reach our authentic self.  This is when we understand our essence and how to be true to ourselves.  We understand more of what we are meant to do.

But really it is all about how we feel and how we can be our personal best. We look to our gut and our heart to know if this is the best move.  Do we feel alive and surrounded with things that make us happy? Is this choice truly ours?  Is this an appropriate choice for the future?  Are we getting closer to understanding what we are here to do?

In the end it is our responsibility to find our authenticity and to find what we are meant to do while we are here.  It will not be a straight path. It will probably have many gyrations along the way.  But if we want it we can get there from here.  And in the end we are better in our own skin for having figured something out. 







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